• Biometric Digitalized Signature Handbook: Everything you need to know

    SERBAN’s specialists in Biometric Digitalized Signature, along with HP, INTEL and MICROSOFT have prepared a 29-page handbook that gathers everything you need to know about...

  • Security Workshop in mobile workstations

    In Barcelona on the 26th of November 2014, HP and SERBAN held a workshop on the digital transformation of companies. The workshop showpieced the HP and SERBAN joint solutions for the implementation of projects of mobility with complete security.

  • Laboral Kutxa chooses SERBAN as supplier and integrator of the Biometric Digital Signature.

    The technology management team of Laboral Kutxa have chosen SERBAN as supplier and partner in their implementation project of these new technologies across their network of branches.

  • Training seminar on Digitalized Signatures

    On the 12th of June 2014 SERBAN Biometrics together with CECABANK and ESCA (The training center of the CECABANK), gave a training seminar on the legal and judicial aspects of the digitalized signature.

  • Working breakfast at Cinco Días – The Biometric Signature gains momentum in business

    The leading Spanish business newspaper Cinco Dias together with SERBAN Biometrics hosted a group of experts to discuss biometrics and innovation in small to medium sized businesses in the context of these new technologies.

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Digitalized Signature

Recognizing humans accurately based on the unique characteristics of the handwritten signature of each person.


Digital Fingerprint

The objective is to identify accurately and uniquely an individual using their fingerprint. Certifying unequivocally the identity of people.


Other Biometrics

At SERBAN Biometrics we understand these other biometric technologies as those that can best improve your processes and business.


BBVA Bancomer

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Biometric Signature Solutions

  • Desktop
  • Mobility
  • Web
  • Relocated Position


The solution is currently developed in Windows and Linux environments with two versions in Java and .NET. Furthermore it can be integrated under the virtualized environments Citrix, Web Services or Server / Client.


  • Basic
  • Enterprise
  • Lite
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The mobility solution facilitates the biometric signature in mobile devices or tablets. SERBAN Biometrics has developed a solution for the three principle mobile environments: Windows 8-8.1, Android and iOS.
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The web solution offers the possibility of carrying out the digital signature of documents within Electronic Banking environments that work with the Digital Signature System. Incorporating certain signature mechanisms such as those used in coordinates cards, pin, token etc.
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The solution in displaced position allows the deployment of fixed positions of a digitalized signature in organizations not part of the entity that possesses the documents that are going to be signed.
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